How many of us start each week and before we know it, we are already on Friday having realised we have not spent any time on ourselves? Day to day stresses such as being a parent, juggling childcare and summer holidays and the constant pace of the world around us. It is so important to take time for ourselves. Take myself for example, I am a full-time working mum who spends my week battling with my 6-year-old on simple tasks like putting his shoes on.

My observation from working in a busy area of Beaconsfield, where my salon is located directly opposite for the main train station, I see people running back and forth from London. People always in a hurry and often looking stressed. It’s so nice when one of those commuters enters the salon. They automatically switch off from the outside world to enjoy the Aveda holistic journey within the salon and take some time for themselves.

I often wish I were that client sat in the chair enjoying their stress reliving head massage, while I’m also in the salon but working hard. So I have decided recently to plan time for myself, whether this is locking myself in the bathroom and using Aveda’s stress relief bath salts or spending 10 extra minutes to my shower routine and using the botanical repair deep treatment mask on my hair. Even the smallest little pamper is enough to make me feel more recharged and in control. Give it a go, try and schedule 10-20 minutes for yourself each week and see how different it will make you feel.

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